Range of expertise

Prototypes and model making

We create prototypes with modern rapid prototyping techniques such as stereolithography. The possibility to do handmade prototypes is also available. Pre-production tools are also used, in order to quickly produce parts in different design variants.

Digital design

Today’s hard and software equipment enables fast and secure data transfer with all our business partners. Our designers are using the most up to date software solutions.

Mold/tool making and part optimization

The material choice of the tools is based on the qualitative and quantitative requirements of our customers. Tools are designed and built from aluminum or steel, depending on the project requirements. Our in-house workshop´s ensure the best possible condition and operation of the tools.

We have at each of our locations, due to the high quality requirements, the possibility to digitally measure and analyze parts and assemblies.


Depending on the customer and the parts and assemblies requirements we use the following materials and manufacturing techniques.

Foam >PUR< IHS
Foam >PUR-RIM<
High speed manufacturing >PU-R-RIM< HS
Injection molding All thermoplasts
Blow molding All thermoplasts
LFI and NFPU  
Reshaping/bending Metals
Engraving Metals
Braze welding Metals


To ensure the high quality requirements of our customers, we paint and coat in our paint shop in Iggingen (DE) using two paint lines with advanced equipment technology. We paint both one and multilayer water based paints for exterior as well as soft paint for interior parts.


Chrome and leather covered parts and assemblies are developed and produced by Autotest, in close cooperation with our partners. Our technical departments create the drawings for the development of the corresponding installation and assembly fixtures.

Assembly and delivery

Our scheduling and logistics staff, supported by appropriate software solutions, provides professional manufacturing planning as well as reliable and timely delivery of parts and Foam >PUR< IHS assemblies.